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For more than 50 years, G5® electro-mechanical massage and percussion modalities have been used by therapists to compliment their "hands on" techniques. G5® modalities do not replace traditional manual techniques, but instead, help therapists to become even more effective, while at the same time reducing the effort involved, especially when performing deep massage or percussion routines.

The main benefits provided by G5® massage and percussion modalities include:

  • Powerful deep massage, or percussion, without tiring the therapist.
  • Shorter treatment time, which allows the therapist to treat more clients.
  • Combines "hands on" massage and percussion techniques with the benefits of a quiet but powerful assistive modality.

Our company, GENERAL PHYSIOTHERAPY, INC. of St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A., and our sister company, PHYSIOTHERAPIE GENERALE FRANCE of Casteljaloux, France are the SOLE manufacturer's and global distributors of genuine G5® brand massage and percussion products.

Genuine G5® brand massage and percussion products are used world-wide in the respiratory field; spa and beauty field; physical therapy field and in chiropractic and sports medicine. New applications now include the veterinary field and plastic surgery and home healthcare fields.

Genuine G5® brand massage and percussion products are recognized as the most powerful, reliable and durable in the world. No G5® brand product has ever caused any injury to any patient or client - nor any damage to any property, since our brand's inception in 1957.

We welcome you to explore continually-new applications for our G5® line of products.

NOTICE: All G5® massage and percussion modalities are produced for 24 volt DC operation, with proprietary power connectors as standard accessories, which automatically convert 100-to-240 volt, 50/60 Hz input to 24 volt DC output.

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