G5 Vibracare
The G5 Vibracare Percussor is our durable, hand-held percussor used in respiratory therapy applications. Totally self-contained, and weighing less than three pounds, it provides optimal freedom of movement and portability with a ten foot hospital grade power cord. This model may be used with a variety of applicators and has a continuously-variable speed range of 20 - 50 cycles per second. This combination of applicators and speeds provides for a highly-versatile treatment range. It is the only hand-held percussor/massager to be granted C.S.A's highest medical operational rating. Comes with applicators 250, 251, 253 and 234. A pediatric version is also available.

Unit Advantages:
  • Portable, lightweight hand-held device
  • Comfortable soft rubber hand grip
  • Used as an adjunct for postural drainage
  • Can be used with our Self Application Kit* and Vari-Tilt body positioner

*Self Application Kit available separately.

Annette C., a mother in Indiana - "This product was purchased for my [daughter], a patient with Cystic Fibrosis, on recommendation from her Cystic Fibrosis clinic."

Norma A., a mother in Brownsville, TX - "Thank you for selling this product. My daughter likes it better than the hand and is gentle on her body. She only 2 years old."

Janet K., a customer from Chatham, Ontario, Canada - "A very effective tool in loosening chest secretions in the lung."

Jim D., a respiratory therapist and postural drainage educator in Arkansas calls the G5 Vibracare, "The Cadillac of percussors!"

Robert L., Dir. of Respiratory Services at RJR Memorial Hospital in Stuart, VA - "I have used this equipment since 1983 and have come to depend on and enjoy using this equipment."

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
G5 Vibracare