Deal #1

Its our G5® New-Style GK-3® unit this month. Thirty three years ago we brought our flagship model GK-3® to life selling tens of thousands of them to medical offices, hospitals, athletic training facilities, and spa's around the world. We updated the main housing of the machine to offer a more modern, sleek look but it still delivers that same G5® treatment. Get one today!!

Priced at $1,400.00!!!

Call 1-800-237-1832 to place your order! Refer to "MONTHLY SPECIAL" when ordering.

G5® GK-3®

The G5® GK-3® is a quiet & powerful Massage Machine designed for rugged use in the office, clinic, school, gym, training room or home. Each GK-3 has a 47 3/4" long, light-weight, smooth drive cable attached to a durable applicator head, to provide greater versatility and ease of use. The GK-3® incorporates a dial-controlled, variable-speed output, with speeds from 20 - 60 cycles per second.

Unit Advantages:

- Economical
- Stand Mount or Portable Configurations
- Basic Control Panel with CPS Indicator (Low, Medium, High)
- Comes complete with choice of applicator package


Call 1-800-237-1832 to place your order for Deal #1! Refer to our "MONTHLY SPECIAL" when ordering.